PAC-RX™- DEA Sequestration Device

Medicine disposal device specifically designed for DEA pharmaceutical waste disposal. Consider PAC-RX as a compliant and cost effective solution.



  1. PAC – Power Activated Carbon technology – proprietary formula – just add water to activate
  2. PAC aids in the adsorption of the drugs API (Active pharmaceutical ingredient)
  3. Available in various sizes (1 gallon, ½ gallon, 16 ounce)
  4. Accessories available
  5. Compliant with all regulatory agencies when used as directed

TRUTH IN ADVERTISING – Medicine Disposal Devices

There are several choices available in today’s market for proper pharmaceutical waste disposal. Here is a closer look at the facts surrounding medicine disposal devices that many healthcare institutions and organizations are currently using. Although features, mechanisms of function and cost may vary between devices, they essentially are designed to make DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) controlled substances less accessible to the public or workers. We would like to showcase our PAC-RX™ device while also clearing up some of the misconceptions that surround such devices.


  • DEA has a written non-retrievable standard which if met, prevents a controlled substance to be retrieved and reused.
  • To date, DEA does not concur with any medicine disposal devices that claim to meet DEA’s non-retrievable standard.  Surprisingly, this is contradictory to some vendor claims.
  • DEA has the ability and authority to approve technologies to meet their non-retrievable standard.  They however, will not endorse a particular product or brand.
  • To date, DEA has not approved any third party disposal device technology to meet their non-retrievable standard.
  • To date, DEA has approved thermal destruction (incineration) as a technology that meets their non-retrievable standard.
  • Medicine adsorbed by activated carbon can later be extracted and therefore does not meet DEA’s non-retrievable standard.
  • EPA concurs with DEA’s position that 3rd party medicine disposal devices do not meet DEA’s non-retrievable standard.

Role of MDD’s

  1. Place DEA Pharmaceutical Wastage in device per instructions.
  2. When full, incinerate device in appropriate incinerator
  3. DO NOT place MDD’s in the regular trash as they will likely contain RCRA hazardous waste.

State Issues

  • When it comes to disposal of pharmaceutical waste, states may have additional regulations that apply.  It is imperative that you are familiar with those state and local regulations for compliance.